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Fruit farming

Fruit farming project is a relatively young direction in the corporation. 


Variety assortment: Apples: Idared, Jonagold, Prima, Champion, Gloucester, Golden Delicious, Reinette Simirenko and others; Pears: Noyabrska and Yablunivska.






All young gardens are established using intensive technology (on trellis and drip irrigation) and farm-produced biohumus as biofertilizer.


Current production rests on 505 hectares of gardens.


All grown products (apples, pears) are stored in new controlled atmosphere fruit storages with total capacity of 9,8 thousand tonnes. This technology allows storing fruits for a long period (up to 1 year) maintaining quality indicators and supply of fresh apples and "premium segment" pears to the market till next year's harvest.


Svarog’s fruits are certified according to the highest international standards. In addition to certification of products, the whole process of growing is also certified.


A new optical assorting line with a capacity of 4-5 tonnes of products per hour was brought into operation in 2009. Line allows sorting apples and pears with a high precision according to set parameters (by size and colour of fruits) that provide standardized supply of fruit products.


Another step towards ensuring consistently high yields is establishment of meteorological station in the village Serbychany (Sokyryany district, Chernivtsi region), which is an innovation in fruit farm industry. This standalone tool is used to collect a series of climatic data. It also lets to plan and to manage agronomic steps, and to carry constant monitoring of the condition of each planted tree.




Svarog West Group Corporation has been cultivating raspberry (1,64 ha).






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